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What is it?
A u-poze photobooth is a spacious, mobile photobooth device (like a supermarket passport photo machine). It is rapidly becoming a must have at weddings, corporate events and social gatherings. 
What does the photobooth look like?
The photobooth concept is based on conventional “passport” type booths but look much more elegant. 
Is it complicated to use?
Absolutely not.  Our user friendly touch screen prompts you.  Regardless, our friendly, fully trained Buddy Booth will be with you through all of your hire period to help you out (and coax you to us those props!!) 
Is it big and how is it transported?
The booth itself assembles to measure approximately 2.3 m long, 1.3 m wide and 2 m high.    u-poze assemble and disassemble it upon arrival and departure. 
What is needed to run it?
All that u-poze require at the venue is a standard electrical supply and a level floor. Wi-Fi availability and access may be required, depending on the package you choose. 
How long can I hire it for?
Typically we recommend 3 hour hire to ensure your guests or clients maximise the u-poze experience. Additional hours are available at an hourly rate (or part thereof). 
How many photos can it take?
You are entitled to unlimited, yes unlimited, photos during your hire period. 
Can we put our event details on the photos?
Whether your event is a wedding, private celebration or a corporate event, the images produced can be customised or branded to your taste.
If I opt for the video message option, how long does the recording last?
Video message recording, via the webcam, is unlimited. However you cannot record video messages and take pictures at the same time.
What do the photos look like?
The photos resemble passport type photos and can be customised to commemorate your event or branded with your company logo. Different photo layouts are available, just let u-pose know which you prefer. 
Is the image quality good?
The images themselves, taken with a Digital SLR camera, are very high resolution , suitable for blowing up to poster size if needs be!! Also, the high quality paper used is designed to last.
Do you stand or sit and how many people  can fit in it at one time?
Typically people stand and move around in the booth. The photobooth can comfortably hold several people.
Where do you work?
We provide a service all over Ireland (a transport fee may apply depending on your location).
Can I see the pictures on the night?
At u-poze we use state of the art dye-sublimation printers.  Your pictures are produced and ready to go approximately 10 seconds after taking them.












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